Experience Level of Medical Personnel with HIFLY ICU Air Ambulance Service from Guwahati to Kolkata

Experience Level of Medical Personnel with HIFLY ICU Air Ambulance Service from Guwahati to Kolkata

Welcome to the largest city of Assam which is also the central hub of North –East India, and is one of the most developed cities in the northeast. Though this city has good health care and hospitals, there is a time when a critically ill patient needs to be transferred to some other city for further medication.

HIFLY ICU Air ambulance services from Guwahati have highly and certified medical and flight staffs. Our exceptional air ambulance service staffs are among the best in their field. We keep our staff in a way that they progress more and more through continuous training and keeping themselves update in their own field, this also includes our ground staffs.

High-Tech and Advanced Medical Equipment are available with HIFLY ICU Air Ambulance

Our air ambulance services are equipped with fully-fledged complete medical equipment such as advanced world-class ICU, CCU, Nebulizer, ventilator, CPR Machine, Portable Power Supply, etc. Our ambulance also carries the supplements which are very much necessary and may come in handy according to the condition of the patient. HIFLY ICU Air Ambulance in Guwahati is an outstanding service provider that has the state-of-art medical gears, keeping up itself with the modern in research and that is helpful in emergency medical practices.

HIFLY ICU Air Ambulance services use the Modern and Technically the Best Aircraft to Transfer Patients

We at HIFLY ICU Air Ambulance service from Guwahati to Kolkata or to any other city in entire India use the most modern and technically the best aircraft. So that a critically ill patient must be and feel at ease and comfort while being transfer from place to place. These aircraft itself has been designated for its capability to safely and instantly travel long distance within a short span of time and most importantly comfort in mind. Deccan Chargers B-200, B-200, and Pilatus C-90 are some of the aircraft that is being used by us.

HIFLY ICU Air Ambulance Guwahati Renders Attention to Personal Comfort

Our air ambulance services pay incredible attention to the personal comfort of the severely ill patient being transferred through our air ambulance along with any companion accompanying the patient. This includes the eminence of blankets, seating arrangement for the additional travelers and also taking care of their meals and beverages if it is long haul travel.

The city of Guwahati is very well interlinked through roads, rails, and airways interconnecting different cities in North-east region and throughout India. Thus with our air ambulance services, one can easily avail the service of Air Ambulance from Guwahati to Kolkata or to some other major cities for a better medical treatment and healing process. If you also propose to the most trustworthy train ambulance services from a reliable agency, then contacting HIFLY ICU Air ambulance will be your best selection from Guwahati to any other major places in India or worldwide.

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