Air Ambulance in Rajkot

Air Ambulance in Rajkot

Book HIFLY ICU Air Ambulance in Rajkot with dedicated Doctor 24*7

Rajkot is the fourth most populous city of Gujarat. The city is famous for Badhani Sarees and dresses containing patchwork, silk, and brocade embroidery. However, the city has good infrastructure but it still lacks in proper medical facilities. In state of medical emergency, Air Ambulance is the best option available to transfer a critical patient from one location to other. It is a well-known fact that most of the victims of accidents, critical diseases and other medical ailments lose their life only because they don’t receive treatment on time. HIFLY ICU acknowledges these situations and is committed to providing world class Air Ambulance Services from Rajkot.


Salient features of HIFLY ICU Air Ambulances in Rajkot

* Low-Cost Emergency Patient Transfer

*Comprehensive Reach

*Experienced Doctor and Paramedics

*Hi-tech Life Support Systems to ensure safe patient transfer from Rajkot

*Available 24*7

*Personalized emergency patient transfer service in Rajkot


HIFLY ICU has an asset of highly qualified professionals. We have Anesthesiologists, Colon and Rectal Surgeons, Nephrologists, Obstetricians and Gynecologists, Oncologists, Gastroenterologists, Cardiologists, and Hematologists etc. These personnel are highly qualified and have hundreds of hours of experience to render Air Ambulance Services in Rajkot and overall. Low-cost charter Ambulance Services from Rajkot to Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmadabad, and other locations are available 24*7.  Our commercial stretcher service is economical and equipped with best in class ICU setup. HIFLY ICU endeavor to provide safe and comfortable patient transfer services from Rajkot.


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