Air Ambulance in Amritsar

Air Ambulance in Amritsar

World Class Air Ambulance Services in Amritsar available at the most affordable price

Amritsar the holy city of Punjab is home and religious center of Sikhs in India. The name Amritsar literally means the tank of nectar of immortality. It is house to the great Golden temple and also remembered for Jaliawala Bagh massacre by British that catalyzed Indian freedom struggle in 1919. Now the city is developed, densely populated and has witnessed a growing demand for Air Ambulance Services. HIFLY ICU has been providing Air Ambulance services from Amritsar from many years and is committed to serving its people with low cost yet effective critical patient evacuation services.

Advantages of HIFLY ICU Air Ambulance in Amritsar

Comprehensive and comparable- A customer availing Air Ambulance in Amritsar from us can experience the distinguished and personalized treatment from our evacuation team. HIFLY cares for comfort and safety of patient and deals with friendly behavior with anyone who approaches us for help.

Fast and Reliable Evacuation– Air Ambulance services were started during world war for evacuation of injured soldiers. Later European countries opted it for civil patient evacuation too. Timely dispatch of a patient is the most important key factor to ensure the safety of a patient.

Deliberate plan for each evacuation- Every patient is different and may need distinguished evacuation methods and equipment. HIFLY ICU has a number of different evacuation plan ready for a customer availing Air Ambulance in Amritsar.

24*7 available team- HIFLY is committed to providing certified and experienced team of doctor and paramedics in Air Ambulance Services from Amritsar.

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