Air Ambulance in Silchar

Air Ambulance in Silchar

Book Ultimate Air Ambulance Services from Silchar Anytime- HIFLY ICU

Silchar is the largest town in the Cachar District of Assam. The town was referred as Island of Peace by then Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi. Silchar witnesses tourists visiting Sun and Lion Gate of Khaspur, Kachari fort, ISKON and Kachkanti Devi temple and Lake Dolu etc. Cachar Paper Mill is a paper manufacturing industry in South Assam which provides livelihood to many in the town. In recent year there is a growing demand of Air Ambulance Services in Silchar. HIFLY ICU has been providing quality and diverse Patient evacuation services from Silchar from many years.


Why you should book HIFLY ICU Air Ambulance Services?

We offer wide array of ICU & CCU equipments from respirator, ventilator, IV set, suction and infusion pump, Cardiac monitor with defibrillator, Pulse oximetry and CO2 Capnography, oxygen tank and portable power inverter etc on our every Air Ambulances in Silchar. Also, a team of qualified doctor and certified paramedic is boarded on the Air Ambulance to monitor and look after the patient health condition. These personnel is trained and possess hundreds of hours of experience to conduct a critical patient evacuation from multiple locations.  A user who avails HIFLY Air Ambulance Services in Silchar to Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Vellore etc should consider their patient in safe hands of our specialized team.

HIFLY ICU renders fastest Charter and Air Ambulance Services from Silchar and is committed to providing transparent commercial patient evacuation with no hidden or extra cost associated.

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