Air Ambulance in Allahabad

Air Ambulance in Allahabad

Hifly ICU Air Ambulance in Allahabad Ready to Respond Efficiently to any Critical and Non-Critical Patient

Allahabad initially named as Prayag or the ‘place of offerings’ is esteemed as one of the most significant pilgrim spots for the Hindus in India. Allahabad is home to a confluence known as the Triveni and is the meeting point of Saraswati, Yamuna and Ganga Rivers of India. It is also the second oldest city in India with its existence traced back to the Vedic Period. Allahabad located in the state of Uttar Pradesh and is one of the fastest developing cities in India and the healthcare sector of Allahabad has experienced tremendous growth and enhancement in the last few years.

Numerous well-equipped hospitals, medical centers, diagnostic centers, and private clinics form part of the enhancing developing medical sector of Allahabad. These amenities are either government-run or privately owned and managed. Srijan Hospital, Asha Hospital, Parvati Hospital Pvt. Ltd, Phoenix Hospitals Pvt. Ltd, Shakuntala Hospital, Pragati Hospital, etc. are some of the hospitals and medical centers which have been serving the people in the city.

Hifly ICU Air Ambulance in Allahabad is one of the Emergency Air Medical Transport Services that transfer critically ill or injured patient domestically and internationally. We operate 24 x7 hours and are accessible 365 days and nights a year. Hifly ICU Ambulance Service in Allahabad provide all selections to meet your medical requirements, including domestic and international air ambulance, airline medical squads, international airline stretcher transports along with the Ground Ambulance and Rail Ambulance Service across India.

Hifly ICU Air Ambulance in Allahabad and how is our Commercial and Charter Aircraft Staffed?

Hifly ICU Commercial and Charter Air Ambulance in Allahabad is the appropriate choice for severely ill or injured patient transfers from one place to another. With MBBS or MD Doctors, certified nurses, pediatric specialists, critical care paramedics and respiratory therapists on staff, Hifly ICU Air Ambulance in Allahabad offers the bed to bed transfer facility to critically ill, injured or unstable patients.

Hifly ICU Transfer Manager will speak with the staff treating the on-board patient to determine which aeromedical transfer specialists and professionals have required onboard the flight. All treatments, medications and medical equipment will also be discussed so that they can be continued during the Air Ambulance Service from Allahabad to Pune, Allahabad to Delhi, Allahabad to Vellore, Allahabad to Patna, Allahabad to Bangalore, etc.

Hifly ICU Low-cost Air Ambulance in Allahabad is equipped with all the Basic and Advanced Life Support such as the defibrillator, ventilator, cardiac monitor, CPR machine, oxygen cylinders, infusion pump, suction machine, ICU, CCU, NICU setups, portable power supply, pacemakers, nebulizer, etc.

Besides these, our charter and commercial Air Ambulance Service in Allahabad also have the presence of highly experienced Medical Squads who take care of the patient for 24×7 hours. They keep their eye on the patient Round the Clock monitoring the patient health and condition.

Hifly ICU Air Ambulance Service at a Glance

Hifly ICU Air Ambulance Service provides Emergency Medical Patient Transfer Service and is one of the most dependable and trusted Air Ambulance Operators which offers their service across India and to some parts of the world.

* Hifly ICU Air Ambulance have safely transferred over 15000 patients worldwide since last decade.
* The highly skilled and experienced Medical Squads and flight crews make it easy and smooth transfer of the severely ill and injured patients.
* Hifly ICU Air Ambulance Service offers its service at very cost-effective and affordable fares.
* Hurry and contact our Flight Advisor for free, and hire our impeccable service at the earliest.

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