Air Ambulance in Baghdad

Air Ambulance in Baghdad

World’s most Advanced Air Ambulance Service in Baghdad is available now

Baghdad is the capital city of Iraq. It is a historical city that is situated on both sides of the Tigris River. Iraq has been facing war till 2011 and is still under constant insurgency attacks. All these factors have caused substantial damage to the country and also become a place where demand for Air Ambulance is much cited. HIFLY ICU is the most trusted Brand and operates the world’s most advanced Air Ambulance Services in Baghdad. A critical patient from Baghdad International Airport can be shifted to anywhere around the globe with the help of our Chartered Air Ambulance Services.

Key features of HIFLY Air Ambulance Services offered from Baghdad

24*7 Availability- A critical medical situation comes around at any time. HIFLY ICU is ready 24*7 to provide services to facilitate Air Ambulance in Baghdad. Our telephone lines are live all the time and there is an adviser waiting for your call to provide you with all the information you need.

Hi-tech and latest- Not every operator provides functional life support systems on board. A person availing HIFLY ICU Air Ambulance from Baghdad is sure to experience latest cardiac monitor, ventilator, defibrillator, large psi oxygen tank, suction pump, portable CPR charger etc to control any health issue in the due course of evacuation.

Certified Personnel- HIFLY ICU is committed to providing a team of certified doctor and nurses on Air Ambulance booked from Baghdad as per requirement of the patient. Our every professional is experienced enough to handle any critical health issue during every stage of dispatch.

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