Air Ambulance in Chandigarh

Air Ambulance in Chandigarh

Fast and Reliable Air Ambulance in Chandigarh with Personalized Service

Chandigarh is a Union Territory of India. It is a unique city due to many evident reasons. Chandigarh is cleanest city in India and also holds the status of having highest per capita income in the country. Literally, Chandigarh is composite of Chandi means Goddess and garh stands for fortress. The name itself is derived from a Chandi temple near Panchkula. There is a constant demand for Air Ambulance from Chandigarh to Delhi. Reliable and quick emergency patient transfer service can be booked anytime.

What’s new in Air Ambulance Services offered by HIFLY ICU?

Fast and Reliable- The Air Ambulance Service from Chandigarh to Delhi and other cities are Quick and reliable in nature. People seek Air Ambulance services for quickest transportation of the patient so that he/she could avail better medical treatment on time. Fast dispatch plays a vital role in saving life of a patient.

Bed to Bed Patient transfer– Patient is picked from Bed of a city to another. This is an effective way of comfortable and safe dispatch that causes least panic for the family members. Air Ambulance in Chandigarh is featured with this peer to peer patient shifting service.

Qualified team- Assume a situation when a patient loses pulse and becomes unstable in the mid air thousands of feet in the sky. It is doctors and paramedics role there to control the health condition of the patient. A highly qualified and experienced team medical personnel is made available onboard to render their services.

Chartered Ambulance from Chandigarh to overall is also available by HIFLY ICU at an affordable rate.

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