Air Ambulance in Chennai

Air Ambulance in Chennai

Full-Service Medevac & Air Ambulance Services in Chennai

Chennai is one of the biggest metropolitan cities in the southern region of India. Apart from being the capital city of Tamil Nadu, it is also a significant district of the state. Chennai in India is also one of the four metropolises and plays a vital role in the cultural, intellectual and historical enhancement of the country. Located on the north-east end of Tamil Nadu on the Coast of Bay of Bengal, beautiful Chennai has an awesome landscape just above the main sea level.

Known as the ‘Gateway to South India’ Chennai is also one of the most sought after tourist destination in India. Healthcare and Medical facilities in Chennai is one of the world-class and is provided with both by government and private hospitals and medical centre. Medical Tourism is a vital part of the city’s economy with over 45% of total medical tourists in India make to Chennai. This city is also known as the leading medical centres of India resulting in the proliferation of top-notch private and government hospitals. Among the leading medical centre and facilities in Chennai are the Government General Hospital, Royapettah Hospital, Government Optholmic Hospitals, Apollo Hospitals, Aysha Hospitals, Balaji Hospitals, Bharath Hospitals and etc. which provides the best of treatment facilities at a very affordable cost.

Hifly ICU provides its advanced Air Ambulance Service in Chennai and helps people rescue the life of their loved ones in the event of an emergency and provide critical relief in difficult situations. Our staffs are trained and proficient and equipped to respond instantly, day or night and to organize all resources necessary to assists the patient and their people in need of hours.

Hifly ICU Air Ambulance in Chennai and its Prominent Medical Facilities and Amenities

Hifly ICU Air Ambulance in Chennai stands devoted to providing all necessary aeromedical services, whether it is a scheduled patient transfer or emergency air transport via air ambulance. We also attempt to provide low-cost air ambulance in Chennai and supportive medical travel costs starting from 2.5 lakh to patients and patient’s families with no hidden fee and additional charges for any additional services. We are highly recognized and extremely esteemed by our patient and their families who have once used our service that is involved in Air Medical Transport both domestically and internationally.

Hifly ICU Charter Air Ambulance Service from Chennai to Vellore, low-cost Air Ambulance from Chennai to Delhi, commercial Air Ambulance from Chennai to Patna, etc. arrange all resources necessary to offer highly expert emergency medical flights for the critically ill or injured patient throughout India and in some parts of the world. We have a large pool of MD or MBBS Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics and other specialists such as Gastroenterologists, Endocrinologists, Haematologists, Rectal Surgeons, Anaesthesiologists, etc. Hifly ICU’s exceedingly trained and specialized medical dispatchers are capable of rallying at an instant’s notice and provide the patient with a smooth and instant Medevac Evacuations.

Extraordinary Medical Care is our Mission – Hifly ICU Air Ambulance in Chennai

We at Hilfy ICU Air Ambulance Service in Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Vellore, Patna, Ranchi, etc. offer the critically injured patient an exceptional care, trusted doctors and smooth emergency Medevac Solutions. Below mentioned are some of the prominent services we offer:

* 24 x7 hours and 365 days and nights Medevac Solutions

* With Hifly ICU your medical transport requirements are met with the highest of standards in expertise, determination and compassion.

* We have specialized healthcare professionals leading the way in Aeromedical Services

* Continuity of Intensive Care is maintained throughout the medical flights

* Our excellent medical services and amenities are totally flawless and we make sure that we deliver them in quick succession of time.

* Hifly ICU’s Medical Staff is supportive and cooperative with the patients so that they feel comfortable.

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