Air Ambulance in Mysore

Air Ambulance in Mysore

Charter Air Ambulance in Mysore with Quick Evacuation Team Available 24*7

Mysore is located in the Foothills of Chamundi Hills in Karnataka. Mysore officially known as Mysuru is the historical city and was capital of the Kingdom of Mysore in the ancient time. Now the city is one of the densely populated places in country. HIFLY ICU has been serving from the city and is committed to providing world class emergency patient transfer services from Mysore to Bangalore, Chennai, and Mumbai etc. We have world-class infrastructure to facilitate immediate Air Ambulance in Mysore. The quality and care is the main theme of HIFLY emergency services.

Key features of HIFLY ICU Air Ambulance Services

Bed to Bed Patient evacuation– This is our featured service in which a critical patient is picked up from his/her bed in a hospital or home and is shifted to the ground ambulance which takes the patient to the airport. Now the patient along with medic team is shifted in the aircraft and upon reaching the destination city the ground team picks the patient and rush to the hospital for further treatments. We are committed to provide this facility to all our patients being transferred by Air Ambulances in Mysore.

Hi-tech ICU Equipments- HIFLY regularly updates itself with world-class life support systems. We have ventilators, Defibrillator, Respirator, IV set, Suction Pump, Oxygen Cylinders, Pacemaker and portable power supply etc. A setup of this life saving equipment is made on our every air ambulance in Mysore.

HIFLY ICU is the most trusted Air Ambulance Service Provider in Mysore. We provide low cost commercial stretcher service in civil transport aircraft and rated charter air ambulances from Mysore to Bangalore, Vellore, Mumbai and all over.

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